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How to combine work with travel? Karolina and Patryk’s story

We perpetually get a lot of questions about how to combine work and travel, or how to fund travel while traveling.  There are many different ways of funding your travels, so when we have the opportunity to highlight how someone else does it, we’re all too happy to oblige.  Here’s Karolina and Patryk’s story in [...]

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High Tide at Richmond

London in the Summertime

London gets a bad rap for weather, which is sort of…deserved. But that’s not to say that you won’t get at least two glorious weeks of summer each year. Since the … more


Aruba, Heaven in the Caribbean

There are a few destinations that would appear on nearly everyone’s bucket list. The Caribbean, and in particular the island of Aruba, would probably be high on most … more


The language of travel

Are you a code talker?  A few weeks ago I caught the end of a great discussion on NPR about code switching.  Code switching in linguistics is the use of two or more … more

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The History of Shipbuilding

Ships are a huge part of world history and have been an important tool to every civilization. Before now, boats were used to explore other continents around the … more