Hot Chocolate a la Colombiana

The only thing you might remember from Oaxaca, Mexico is Jillian’s famous grasshopper video. Besides crunching on bugs, we’ll always remember the delicious hot chocolate.  Steaming and slightly cinnamony it was the perfect start or finish to a day. From street vendors in the morning to cafes in the evening everywhere in Oaxaca there was hot chocolate. Imagine my surprise… no delight… when I found delicious, creamy, sweet hot chocolate in Bogota.

Only in Bogota, one needs to add cheese to the equation.  Yes, that’s right, cheese. Our first morning here in Bogota our CS host Marta took us for a walking tour of downtown and ensured that we tried a proper hot chocolate…lets just say I’ve made it my mission to sample as many as possible.  So far,  so good.

In case you are wondering, here are the steps to drinking delicious hot chocolate in Colombia.

Step 1: Order your hot chocolate with cheese. For those of you trying this at home, you’ll best be served by a soft (think mozzarella) Mexican type cheese. If it comes pre-shredded all the better as this will save you valuable time.

Step 2: If it does not come pre-shredded, chop your cheese up into bits and pieces to be placed in your magical drink. Use your fingers or your silverware, doesn’t matter which.

Step 3: Put the cheese in the chocolate. As you put the cheese into your mouth keep in mind that the cheese is better in the chocolate and if you eat all of it then you will be missing out. Also be sure not to drop the cheese from a high altitude as this will send some of the chocolate onto your shirt…forcing you to do laundry prematurely and wasting valuable chocolate.

Step 4: Drink the chocolate. If you’re cheese is fluffy enough it won’t all sink to the bottom and you’ll be lucky enough to slurp little pieces of semi-melted cheesy bliss in your chocolate filled mouth.

Step 5: Eat the remaining cheese at the bottom. You should use either a fork or a spoon otherwise you risk embarrassment. The cheese will be softer but it shouldn’t be a melted mess, you will likely find the exact same sized bits you chopped up, only chocolatier.

Really, I was skeptical. This is good, I guarantee it!

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