Why You Should Go To Mexico

Nothing irks me more than people who say “you shouldn’t go there, it is so dangerous.”  9 times out of 10 the person who says it is so dangerous has NEVER BEEN there.  Their mom’s neighbor’s daughter’s boyfriends uncle went there once on a cruise and was robbed in the cruise port.  Oh really. You don’t say. It must be too dangerous for me to go.

Just recently I was discussing travel with a friend who in reality should have known better than to tell me that “you shouldn’t go there, it is so dangerous.”  I’ll give you one guess which country she was talking about, yes, Mexico.  American has somewhat of an underlying psychological fear of Mexico these days. I don’t know if it is the incessant news of drug cartels or shootings, but we are downright frightened to go to our neighbor in the south.  Let alone that the same reporting of violence in one major U.S. city would probably make most Mexican’s think twice about heading to the U.S.  Like anywhere else in the world, you need to travel smart, watch where you go an avoid dangerous situations.  As I always say, if you wouldn’t do it at home, why would you do it abroad?

I love Mexico, I love the culture, I love the people, I love the landscape and most of all, I love the food.  After her comment I starting enumerating the reasons someone should go to Mexico now.  What would you add to this list?  Is it a fair list?

1. No one else is.

That means your money and your impact can go a lot further. Shop and stay locally.  You are a more valuable cultural ambassador during low season than high season.  Act like one and enjoy it!

2. Mexico is growing.

That’s right, more and more companies are heading to Mexico to set up shop, and not just manufacturers or outsourcing companies.  Mexico’s middle class is growing as are the number of well educated young people.  There’s great opportunity there now if you’re willing to become immersed.  Last month The Economist ran an article about the global Mexican, read it, it might open your eyes.

3. Culture.

Mexico’s rich and diverse cultural heritage means one thing-if all you know is 5 de Mayo and Day of the Dead, you are missing out on an amazing cultural experience.  Time your visit to coincide with a fiesta or holiday and if you can, couchsurf or stay with a family and ask questions about everything.

Oh yea and my favorite reason you should go to Mexico? The food and the people.  They go hand in hand.



  1. Shelly Rae Clift says

    I love Treveling in Mexico. It’s inexpensive, warm, sunny, and full of wonderful places, people and things. Never had a problem.
    I used to live in Chicago. Want to talk about a dangerous place? Yeah, the good old USA is high on the list.
    I’m Treveling to Egypt next March. People ask me if I’m afraid–Uhm, if I was afraid I wouldn’t be going.
    No matter where one is, using street smarts and being aware is a good idea. But never let rumors stop one from traveling.

    • says

      I also love Mexico. Good point, if I was truly afraid I wouldn’t be going. We all fear the unknown but a smart traveler knows when to listen to their intuition and ignore the rumors!

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