Gifts for Travelers 2012

Looking for great gifts for travelers? Have travelers on your holiday gift list or wondering what to put on your list this year? For all your travel-happy friend and loved ones, you might want to consider any of these awesome gifts:

Best gifts for travelers

Gifts for Travelers Who Like Photography: Joby GorillaPod Tripod

We’ve used these tripods for our waterproof video camera (that’s how we got the Rocketman footage), for point and shoots and now there’s a bigger one for DSLR cameras. It’s great for having a flexible, small, lightweight tripod on the go – a necessity if you’re filming something from the back of a crowd or looking to take action shots of animals. Ranging in price from $12 – $60, the GorillaPod line comes with all sorts of new accessories, including a level so you can say good bye to slanted shots.
Click the link below to peruse them on Amazon:

Gifts for Travelers Who Like to Be Plugged In: Skullcandy S2IKDY-101 Ink’d 2.0 Headphones

For a $20 set of headphones these things are incredible and a great, inexpensive gift for travelers. I’ve owned an older version of these headphones for about four years and they’ve traversed the world with me. Great sound quality and they seem to be able to take a beating- what more can you expect for $20? The new version even comes with a mic so if you’re listening to tunes on your i-phone you don’t have to unplug to take a call.

Gifts for Travelers Who Like Electronics: Kindle Fire Wifi

I know I will probably take a beating for this, but I just cannot imagine taking a i-pad on the road. The cost of the item is enough to make me double over in paranoia every time my bag is removed from my hands. Needless to say, we have a Kindle Fire with wifi and let me tell you- I love it. Not only can I download plenty of reading materials, but I can also update the blog (hello!) and with one press of a button download instant videos from Amazon for those long flights/bus rides. Perfect gift for travelers on the go. We watch videos together using a headphone splitter and have never had any problems or complaints about quality. Plus, the battery life is longer than my laptop. Go figure.

Gifts for Travelers Who Like Adventure: Go Nomad 7 Solar Charger

Let’s say your are the err more adventurous travel type. No Hilton in your future? Staying in places with intermittent electricity? Look no further than the Go Nomad to get your phone up and running when you are without electricity. We used our Go Nomad for the first time when camping in Utah and within 45 minutes my smart phone had 30% battery. Sure it’s not as fast as a wall charger, but it sure beats being out of battery for days on end. It is incredible simple to set up, in less than 3 minutes we were set to go for a USB charge. The Go Nomad is slim and lightweight, taking up no more space than a magazine in your pack. They also have adapters for laptops and items that plug directly into the wall. A great gift for travelers who enjoy getting off the beaten path.

Gifts for Travelers Who Like Utility: MSR Pack Towel

If you thinking of gifts for travelers, a pack towel isn’t exactly a sexy gift. Trust me, most travelers aren’t looking for sexy, they are looking for useful. I admit that we’ve lost our fair share of pack towels as we traveled around the world, but remarkably my beloved yellow MSR XLarge packtowel survives after being used nearly every day for 2 years. It stood up to constant hand washing, hanging in the wind, sea water, river water and god knows what else. Sure it’s a bit dingy and discolored, but it’s still functional. Except when we were in the jungle during rainy season, this towel was dry by morning. It fought mildew and never got smelly.


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