“Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,

Healthy, free, the world before me

The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.”

~Walt Whitman

Who are we?

We’re Jillian and Danny, just your average 20 something couple looking to explore the world.

What are we doing?

We’re traveling around the world for up to 24 months. Crazy right? That means we’ve left our house, our jobs, our friends and our families. Although we were happy with our lifestyle and our careers, we felt like we were missing out on something bigger. Always adventurous, we had talked about doing a trip around the world since undergrad. In theory we were always saving for the trip and eventually the pieces fell together. After much planning and lots of thought, we quit our jobs and set forth to see the world. For us, that means not having a rigid travel plan, but rather playing things a little more by ear. Our plan is to volunteer as much as possible and try to bridge the gap between countries and cultures. We plan to do as much adventure travel as possible, so expect a lot of mountain biking and whitewater kayaking posts! If we like a place, we’ll rent an apartment and stay, and if we don’t we’ll just visit and move on. We plan to stay in hotels, hostels and apartments- meeting locals and other travelers along the way. Sure there will be strange food/strange toilets/strange noises, but that is what makes traveling so much fun! Yes, eventually we’ll have to come back (or maybe not!) and hopefully our lives will have changed forever!

Why in the world?

Contrary to popular belief, people who take time off to travel are not just vacationing for two years. We will be volunteering, teaching and most importantly learning and sharing with the people we meet and the places we go.

Yes, we know how idealistic that sounds, but why not? Our generation has always been told that we can do anything~ so here we are, it’s our own way to tikkun olam “repair the world”. We want to meet new people, explore new places and find a way to exclude the constant “on call” from our daily lives.

The first question we are asked is not “Why are you doing this?” but usually a very excited, “where are you going?” “I wish I could do something like that!” Our hope is to inspire ourselves to continue living a full life, but also to inspire others to carpe diem and follow their own dreams.

Have more questions, check out our Bios or FAQs for more information or drop us an email!

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