People seem to always be asking us questions about our trip, how we’ve planned for it, and what we’re expecting to do along the way. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about traveling around the world.

What are you most looking forward to?

The Pyramid’s of Giza, roughing it on an African Safari, not having to work 9-5 every day, sailing the Mediterranean, Angkor Wat, hiking the Inca Trail, The Western Wall on Shabbat…the list goes on and on and on. This is the single most common question we get and there really just is not a good answer to it.

How long did you spend preparing for your trip?

We hatched this idea back in college during Danny’s senior year, 2004. Now that we’re leaving 5 years later it seems like we’ve spent a long time preparing but in actuality all we were doing was saving money. This took a lot longer than it should have because we graduated with extensive student loans which we needed to payoff first. Check out About Us for more information.

What do you do for money?

We saved and saved and saved. You can check out our budget page for more info. Many people do these trips without saving and instead work their away around the world; a number of books have been published that help make this much easier than it sounds.

How much money does it take to travel around the world?

Again, take a look at our budget page for more info. As we get further around the globe we’ll update this page with actual cost figures to help people out. As budget travelers though, its not as much as most people think.

Where do you sleep?

Buses, trains, planes, cars, beds, cots, outside, couches and whatever else we can find. No, really, when not couchsurfing we’ll likely be staying at hostels or small mom ‘n pop hotels.

How do you travel from place to place?

Mostly we try to stay on the ground rather than booking airfare, both to save money and make things more interesting. Basically, we try to move like the locals do it.

How do you choose where to go?

We have a very general plan of for getting around the world but this keeps changing so it really isn’t useful to anyone but us. Since we try to do as much overland travel as possible we generally just move onto the country next door. A great way to find cool new places is to check out the postcard rack in giftshops and see if there is anything interesting we’ve missed.

Can’t you just buy a plane ticket?

Yes, but what’s the fun in that? This is travel for the sake of travel. We’re in this for the journey, not the destination.

What if something happens to you, how will you get home?

We have medical insurance that will get us to adequate hospital care if it becomes necessary. As for repatriation, that is something that would have to be worked out between us and the insurance company if the need were to arise.

How can i come visit you?

You look at where we are. You ask us where we’re going to be in say, 3 weeks. You buy a ticket. We meet you at the airport. You bring us stuff from home. We buy you a beer. You bring souvenirs back home for us.

What is your favorite item in your pack?

Jillian likes her ipod and journal. Danny prefers his Harmonica even though he isn’t really good yet.

How do you pack?

Very carefully. We’ve used a couple of websites as guides but mostly we knew we had to pack light and carefully.

Can I do this?

Yes. Yes you can. The biggest challenge to doing this is simply preparing mentally for it.

Do you have any pictures or videos, can I see them?

Tons. Check out our flickr site. That’s the most current but we hope to have some video too!

Has this been done before?

Yes. Check out our resources page for some sites we used to help us prepare.

Do you have a question we missed? If so let us know by email info@ishouldlogoff.com.

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