All of our stuff is travel friendly in one way or another.  Some things are waterproof and others help to keep us alive but it all serves its stated purpose.  We’ve got the best of the best but by no means does that mean we’ve purchased the most expensive.  These gadgets are the best for our uses, and most importantly that means they fit inside our packs!

  • ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-Inch Netbook – This computer weighs about three pounds and with a 10-inch screen is smaller than many guidebooks. Still it boasts a 160gb hard drive and after 2 years, 50 countries, 3 operating systems, and countless drops from several feet high still works and still lasts at least 5 hours per charge.  Asus makes a good product for an incredible price.
  • SteriPEN UV Water Sterilizer– Tablets are gross, filters are heavy.. this is neither and it works!  SteriPen is based on U.S. military technology and works by killing the DNA in whatever might be living in our drinking water, so we always have something safe to drink. It kills everything, including viruses, but requires that the water be clear.  We wrote our review of the classic model because it was the only model that used AA batteries.
  • Grundig AM/FMShortwave Mini Radio – Small enough to fit in a pocket yet powerful enough to pick up radio stations from all over the world. It has a speaker so we can practice our Merengue in the house or one of us can plug in some earbuds and catch the BBC broadcast while on the bus in Uganda.
  • Headlamp – Yes, we look like miners…but we wouldn’t really be backpackers without it. Works if we’re swimming through a cave or just sticking our head in our packs while in a dark hostel.
  • Eneloop Batteries & Charger – These rechargeable batteries keep their power, unlike most rechargeables on the market.  These AA and AAA batteries power all of our electronics except for the computer, iTouch and the little Pentax Optio.
  • Apple iPod touch 8 GB (3rd Generation) -We use this in place of a physical guidebook by downloading guidebook pdf chapters.  We use many travel iphone applications like currency exchange, translator, etc.. as well as update our email regularly on the it.