Travel Gear

Other Fun Stuff:

  • Pacsafe PacSafe 55
    – We lock our pack up with this when we’re in a seedy hotel or when we’re really concerned with the security of our things, but honestly haven’t used this much at all.  It’s more obvious than we’d like, drawing attention when we’d rather not have it. The pack can be locked with this to a pipe or whatever is available.  Helps to take away those “crimes of opportunity.”
  • Harmonica – Didn’t you know: Danny is the world’s greatest Harmonica player? You should check out the CD he made with Yo-Yo Ma.
  • Brunton Compass & Thermometer – So that we know which way to walk when we get off the bus, and if we need to wear our jackets. Maybe we’ll even do an adventure race or two.
  • Sunglasses – To keep the sun out of our eyes while laying on the beach thinking of all our friends back home who are afraid to leave the office for lunch because of all the snow out there.
  • Cool-Max Sleeping Bag Liner – We use the REI one but this one from Amazon is the same idea. We use this if we’re camping or if we’re in a hostel where we need to be fearful of bedbugs. If it’s too cold for this then we shiver and go somewhere else in the morning.
  • Sigg Water Bottle – Using this 1 liter bottle with our SteriPEN we can drink water all day and leave the Cholera to someone else.
  • Daypacks – We both have one of these packs that roll up into themselves.  They easily fit in our larger packs when  not in use but when hiking or cruising around town its the perfect size.
  • Compression Sacks (Sea to Summit) – One backpack. Dirty Clothes. Clean Clothes. We each carry two of these to keep our clothes sorted and compressed to save on space. review
  • Squishy Bowl – This way we can shop at the store and buy soup instead of eating all our meals out.  The silicon material is microwave safe and squishes into whatever space we have in our packs.
  • Two Sided Spork – Now we can eat our oatmeal without using a straw…yehaww.
  • Pack Cover (Sea to Summit) – Covers our backpacks to protect them from rain, snow, sleet, and all manner of pickpockets. review
  • Clothesline (Sea to Summit)- self explanatory, really. review
  • Patch Kit – In the event our packs spring a leak, we’ll be able to plug the hole.  Duct tape also usually does the trick!
  • Tent Pole Repair Kit- self explanatory really
  • Mountain Smith 2 person tent- this has housed us for 5 years between Shenandoah, the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Northwest and now Africa!