Submission Guidelines


Thanks for your interest in writing for I Should Log Off!

We’re an adventure travel and outdoors site dedicated to anything that can be done away from the computer.   Our motto is log off and live!

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We’re currently accepting contributors for the following categories:

1. Travel (Reflections, planning, anything that doesn’t fall into the next category.)

2. Destination (Tell us about your home town or a place you found interesting, a place that surprised you!)

3. Pastime (Read a great book?  Working on mastering a new cuisine?  Love watching the stars?)

4. Weekend Warrior (Athletic endeavors from mountain biking to kayaking to running your first race.)

We want to hear from all sorts of writers from pros to newbies so don’t be shy!

Email us with a story idea or submission and we’ll work with you to get it published and read by the world!  Tell us your ideas and we’ll get you started!

Submission Guidelines:

Before you submit please familiarize yourself with our blog.  Don’t submit something we’ve already published, share your own ideas with the world! Our pieces generally range between 400-800 words, but we’re flexible if you’ve got a great story to tell.

We believe writing is a process and will edit submissions for grammar, content and punctuation.  You retain rights to your work, we just publish it!  If you include photographs, please send us the link, not the file.

Please include a short bio with your submission, including your personal blog (if you have one) and any social media tools you use to promote your work.

Unfortunately at this time we cannot pay for submissions, but we can promise you great exposure. We promote all articles on Twitter and Facebook and encourage you to do the same!  If your submission will include external links to commercial companies, please notify us before hand, as this may fall under advertising.

We’re excited to hear from you, so what are you waiting for??

Note: We’re interested only in original pieces, please do not submit plagiarized work from other sources.  Please give credit to your sources and any outside unoriginal content (like photos) that you use.  Anything found to be in violation of our submission guidelines will be taken down immediately.