21 months, over 20,000 and 100GB of photos.

That’s a lot of photos, that no one wants to go through!  Here’s a selection of our favorites from our backpacking trip around the world:

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Southern Asia: October 2010 – December 2010

One of the most booming regions in the world. From the Mekong Delta of Vietnam to yoga in India, the delicious food of Thailand to motorbiking through Laos, we crossed through Southern Asia without looking back. Check out our photos from this gorgeous region, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and India.

Silk Road: August 2010- October 2010

An ancient trading route between Asia and the west.  Silk, camels and spices, not to mention incredible madrassas and mosques. It’s a bit of world history, a bit of global culture and a bit of mystery all combined. View pictures from Turkey, Georgia, Armenia & Central Asia!

Europe: June- July 2010

From castles in Germany to an international bicycle race to the running of the bulls, we criss-crossed Europe in record time. Explore a few cities of Eastern Europe through our European travel photos!

Middle East: May-June 2010

Cairo, Petra & Jerusalem, some of the world’s oldest cities and civilizations. Up the Nile to Cairo, across the Sinai and into the deserts of Jordan and Israel we loved spending time in the Middle East. From camels to religion, deserts to beaches, mountains to ancient ruins, check out our favorite photos!

Africa: Dec.2009-May 2010

Safari, game parks, desserts and beaches. Warm, welcoming people and incredible cultural experiences. It’s an amazing continent and we only covered the south and the east! View our favorite photos from all over southern & eastern Africa.

South America: July-Nov.2009

We loved South America, check out our favorite photos from atop the andes, indigenous festivals and of course a few llamas!  Trekking in Peru, the Amazon river basin and the Pantanal, there’s enough here to keep you busy for hours!

Central America:April-July 2009

These are some of the world most impoverished nations and yet their full of color and life. Check out our photos from one of the world’s most active volcanoes, the deep jungles of La Mosquitia and whitewater kayaking in Panama!

Mexico: March 2009

This is where the adventure began. From Baja to Chiapas we covered it all. Whitewater kayaking, jungles, mayan ruins, beaches, mountains and canyons. View our favorite photos from the Mexican coast, the Mayan ruins and everything in between!

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