Travel In Search of Locals


[Editor's Note: Thanks to Dave and Vicky for today's guest post on meeting locals! If you would like to guest post on IShouldLogOff, contact us at info [at] ishouldlogoff [dot] com and check out our submission guidelines.] I love how in traveling locals are treated like a nearly extinct bird. There are literally thousands of [...]

Flashback: Granada, Nicaragua


We’d had an awesome time going Volcano boarding in Leon and were on our way to the splendid Isla de Ometepe, one of our favorite places of the entire trip.  With one stop to make between those wonderful locales we decided to try and do something we hadn’t been able to do for a couple [...]

Flashback: Northern Mexico


For a moment I feel nothing. The Swiss girl we’re riding with shouts out and points at my leg.  It’s at that moment I look down and see the gash my bike gear has sliced into my calf.  It doesn’t hurt and it’s not bleeding badly but it’s in a position that’s hard for me [...]

Photo of the Day: Aquaman


We spent a weekend at a couchsurfing meet up in Honduras. The group went camping and hiked up this river to this waterfall where we couldn’t really go any farther. Naturally, it was a good spot for a photo. Special thanks to Flickr user Itinerantlondoner for marking this photo as a favorite. To see a [...]