To miss and be missed


Traveling gave us plenty of time to think about things at home. The prospect of another bathroom without toilet paper made me dream of the two ply ultra plush charmin that I’m always talking about, but there were plenty of other things we missed about home. Now that we’re home and on the other side [...]

Brussels: Chocolate and a Tour…

We were determined to prove two Belgian travelers wrong about their country: it is NOT possible to see Belgium in one day. In fact we spent 4 days in Belgium and only left Brussels once. So there. More than any place on this entire trip, Brussels reminded us of home. No, it wasn’t the french [...]

The Garden Route

The Garden Route is a seemingly mythical stretch of coastline in South Africa stretching about 400 miles from Cape Town east along the Indian Ocean. This stretch is known as a surfer’s paradise offering bay after bay of relatively warm waters abutting sleepy seaside towns where ones biggest worry is when to sleep. But since [...]

The world keeps on moving…

It hasn’t been such a rough transition coming home for “intermission.”  We’ve been gone long enough to appreciate rather than be annoyed by the little things that make home, home.  Yes, people yelling into their cell phones are annoying, but that appears to be a worldwide phenomenon and one that’s probably not going to change. [...]