Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Our travel has taken us all over the world but one thing we need to do more of is get to know our own country. We’ve been to a number of states, mostly out east, but heading west is certainly on the agenda. In lieu of that for now we felt it appropriate to take [...]

New Land in Hawaii


One of the highlights of our trip to Hawaii was visiting Volcanos National Park.  The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanos in the middle of the pacific and those volcanos continue to add land to the islands as we speak.  Usually, they are quite tame but sometimes their lava flows can and do change direction.  [...]

Is elephant damage covered under our car insurance?

It’s not often that we find ourselves behind the wheel of a car, but to see Kruger properly it was necessary to rent a car. So in our tiny little rental we took to the roads of Kruger, the paved, the dirt and the gravel. Our days were the same, get up early (sun rises [...]

This glacier is actually growing!

Two and a half days on a bus from Bariloche and we found ourselves deep in southern Patagonia. Barren plains with wind so strong the double decker bus shook violently with each gust, it wasn’t beautiful to look at in the traditional sense and yet we couldn’t take our eyes off the landscape. Flat and [...]