Interview with OT Surf – New Bikini’s

Bikinis that stay in place

Christy and Scott of Ordinary Traveler just launched a new women’s bikini line designed to actually STAY ON for any woman who is tired of always fixing her bikini. We’ve pre-ordered a suit and can’t wait to get it for the summer! The line, called OT Surf, is manufactured in the USA and is being [...]

Review: Chaco Shoes

These sandals are the best footwear known to man. Seriously. We wear them daily whether on the trail, in the city, or swimming through a rapid. The vibram sole always has superb traction and our feet never feel tired or sore…regardless of how much mileage we do. Added bonus…the tan lines one grows while wearing [...]

Vasque Low XCR Trail Shoes- Womens

Rugged and tough, these low profile light trail shoes lived up to the Vasque reputation. My fourth pair of Vasques, these shoes are supportive and comfortable. They’re lightweight and at the end of the day, whether hiking uphill or through city streets my legs are never tired from hauling the boots around. The boot is [...]

Men’s Travel Shirts

ExOfficio Polo – This is undeniable my best shirt. It is a polo shirt and can look quite ‘smart’ with the right pair of pants but since it is completely wicking I can even work out in it if I wanted to. Naturally, I don’t work out in it, but as hot as it might [...]