Choosing the Right Backpack

Along the Santa Cruz Trek

When people think about choosing the backpack they need for their travel they often have a preconceived notion based on what they’ve seen other people use.  Obviously, it’s always best to choose the right pack for you, but even more important is to choose the right pack for what you’re going to be doing.  Most [...]

Gear For Travel – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This old piece of hardware was our PC for two full years.

It is really remarkable how quickly technology has completely changed the face of travel.  Our RTW trip lasted nearly two years, 2009-2010.  As we embarked, we invested in some of the best technology to get the job done that was possible.  We thought of ourselves as flashpackers extraordinaire.  That included a brand new netbook, an [...]

Interview with OT Surf – New Bikini’s

Bikinis that stay in place

Christy and Scott of Ordinary Traveler just launched a new women’s bikini line designed to actually STAY ON for any woman who is tired of always fixing her bikini. We’ve pre-ordered a suit and can’t wait to get it for the summer! The line, called OT Surf, is manufactured in the USA and is being [...]

Greatest travel gifts of 2011


Well the season is upon us.  Last minute shopping has ALWAYS been a forte of mine – nothing like a limited time frame in which to make decisions.  Most blogs are going to tell you to get practical and useful gifts for the traveler in your life this season (and we normally would too), but [...]