How We Travel For Free

credit cards accecpted here

Some call it a game yet others call it an obsession.  We apply for the credit cards that offer the largest amount of points and miles and aren’t afraid to use those points and miles. Over the past three years, since returning from our RTW trip around the world, we haven’t been afraid to put [...]

Where Did Our Love Go? The Five Hour Rule

Ddong Chim Mongolia

Traveling with someone you love is an experience like no other. It can bring you closer, but if you’re not careful, it can push you apart. This Valentine’s Day, traveling couples can keep the romance alive by taking a temporary break from each other. Don’t panic – sometimes five minutes apart is all it takes. [...]

A Guide to Rail Tours in Canada

Rocky Mountaineer.ashx

A train journey across Canada offers breathtaking scenery and appears on many people’s bucket lists. It’s an excellent way to see the country, whether you choose to travel from coast to coast or whether you just take in one region. Travelling overland across Canada’s vast landscape you will come across emerald green forests, crystal clear [...]

Guide: Hiking the “W” Trail – Torres Del Paine, Chile


Hiking the ‘W is a must do for all backpackers who manage to make it that far south. In our opinion, most do it in a way that is either more expensive or more work than necessary. Below is what we did, then some suggested changes to our path to maximize your enjoyment and minimize [...]