Destination Honeymoons for Frequent Travelers

Whale Shark

In theory, I’m planning a wedding. On February 18th my Australian fiancé and I will have been engaged for a year. At the time, I said to him, “I don’t want to be one of those couples who are engaged for years before the wedding.” Oops. In that year, we’ve finished working in South Korea, [...]

Taking flight?

Vienna Carousel

That infamous bucket list keeps growing as I cross things off. When I first heard about the Rocketman experience, through an online coupon site that shall not be named, my gut reaction was – awesome. Quickly the jet pack experience was added to our bucket list and just as quickly, the deal was purchased. I [...]

New Years Resolution(s)?


I have never been successful with New Years resolutions. Inevitably two weeks later I’ve forgotten about the promises I’ve made to myself and am charting a course into the new year without a thought as to those resolutions. I will tell you a secret… It doesn’t both me one bit that I don’t fulfill these [...]

Bucket List: Half Marathon


Is something that starts with the word “half” a worthy challenge for my bucket list? Eight weeks before the half marathon I went out for a morning jog and came home on crutches. Somewhere between Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake (circa 2007) I missed a large chunk of coconut on the sidewalk, tripped over it [...]