Gear For Travel – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This old piece of hardware was our PC for two full years.

It is really remarkable how quickly technology has completely changed the face of travel.  Our RTW trip lasted nearly two years, 2009-2010.  As we embarked, we invested in some of the best technology to get the job done that was possible.  We thought of ourselves as flashpackers extraordinaire.  That included a brand new netbook, an [...]

Flashback: Argentina


Our visit to Argentina was a bit like the children’s tale about Goldilocks.  In the North we were a bit too late- the melting had begun and the rivers were swollen and in the South we were alittle too early- the show hadn’t yet melted.  Somewhere in between things were just right. We arrived in [...]

Flashback: Brazil


Truco! We shouted over and over again. Truco! Truco! Truco! It was as though no time had passed from our first meeting a year before.  Just as we had before, we sat around a table playing cards, unable to peel ourselves away from the game of tricks. Truco is a popular card game in Brazil, [...]

Flashback: Bolivia


My lips are chapped and I’m balancing on the top of Coca-Cola bottle in the middle of Bolivia’s salt flats.  Although that is what our pictures show, it wasn’t exactly the reality of the situation. Bolivia’s salt flats (also known as the Salar de Uyuni or salt of Uyuni) are the world’s largest salt deposits [...]