How Feijoada (Portuguese Bean Stew) Made It Around the World

Portugal- Feijoada

How many times can we repeat that one of our favorite aspects of travel is sampling new food?  It seems like we aren’t the only ones given the complete obsession in America with global food.  From Anthony Bourdain to the food network, American’s are obsessed with bringing a taste of their vacation or their dream [...]

Eat Your Heart Out in Cyprus

Cyprus Cuisine- Souvlaki

When visiting the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, there are a few foods you won’t want to miss. While Greek influence is strong, Cypriot cuisine has a unique spin on some of the more typical Greek dishes. Souvlaki is a favorite “fast food” on the island of Cyprus. Skewered lean meat, usually lamb, pork or chicken, [...]

A Traveler’s Taste of Polish Cuisine

Polish Food

Editor’s Note: These Polish dishes sound absolutely delicious.  We may just have to make a trip to Poland soon.. We all know food plays a significant role when traveling the world. If you decide to head to Eastern Europe and spend a few days in Poland, there are certain dishes you might not be familiar [...]

Eating Vegetarian Abroad

Vietnamese Floating Market, Mekong Delta

“No Problem, I’m Cooking Chicken” While I am at home in States, I don’t struggle to find delicious vegetarian food.  Restaurants that cater only to vegetarians are opening across the county, and there are a plethora of veggie friendly cuisines like Thai or Indian, but traveling can be a bit more difficult. My first adventure [...]