Six Months Returned


We’ve been back in the United States for six months now.  It has taken about that long to get settled, but it’s hard to believe that six months has gone by so quickly.  Sitting at my desk at work, the trip seems like a distant memory and I have to look at my pictures to [...]

Returning to the Boxes


Two years ago we were officially on our way, traveling the world with our entire journey before us. We had sold it, quit it, packed it or gotten rid of it. We quite literally purged our small one bedroom apartment in Washington, DC, donating hundreds of household and clothing items to any cause that would [...]

Our Bucket List

To those who think we’ve done it all….we haven’t, not even close. Here is our stab at making a bucket list. I’m sure we’ve missed things but here it is for your enjoyment. Feel free to add your own suggestions or share some of yours with us. 70.3 Triathlon (a.k.a. A half iron-man triathlon. Or [...]

Globetrotters Seek Work

Many people ask us what we’ve gained from all this travel. What do we offer potential employers? As we sit down and start to identify what it is – exactly – we’ve gotten from all of this, we realize it’s much more than we ever expected. For starters there is the obvious, our knowledge of [...]