Choosing the Right Backpack

Along the Santa Cruz Trek

When people think about choosing the backpack they need for their travel they often have a preconceived notion based on what they’ve seen other people use.  Obviously, it’s always best to choose the right pack for you, but even more important is to choose the right pack for what you’re going to be doing.  Most [...]

Gear For Travel – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This old piece of hardware was our PC for two full years.

It is really remarkable how quickly technology has completely changed the face of travel.  Our RTW trip lasted nearly two years, 2009-2010.  As we embarked, we invested in some of the best technology to get the job done that was possible.  We thought of ourselves as flashpackers extraordinaire.  That included a brand new netbook, an [...]

4 Bachelor Party ideas for Las Vegas and Beyond

Kayaking in Mexico Rio Micos

Typically, most bachelor parties here in the USA involve a lot of booze and often a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City.  In a few weeks, I’ll be heading out on a bachelor party myself and although some of the other guys wanted to take a traditional Vegas trip and stay at a place [...]

Where I Want To Take a Cruise

Turkish Blue Coast Cruise

Living in South Florida I’m greeted almost every day with the sights of cruise ships docked and taking on passengers.  Some of these boats have space for over 5,000 passengers with thousands more spots reserved for crew.  While these huge cruise ships have their place among those that like a little relaxation and pampering on [...]