How to combine work with travel? Karolina and Patryk’s story

picture of us in the plane to Asia

We perpetually get a lot of questions about how to combine work and travel, or how to fund travel while traveling.  There are many different ways of funding your travels, so when we have the opportunity to highlight how someone else does it, we’re all too happy to oblige.  Here’s Karolina and Patryk’s story in [...]

Budget-Friendly Ways for Families to Travel Europe

Europe Skyline

If you have big travel dreams with a pocket size bank account, you may think that Europe is out of your reach. Fortunately, you and your family can take in the sights and sounds of traveling abroad without spending a great deal of money. Frequent Flyer Miles: Planning a European vacation with your family can [...]

The language of travel


Are you a code talker?  A few weeks ago I caught the end of a great discussion on NPR about code switching.  Code switching in linguistics is the use of two or more languages or dialects in the context of one conversation.  As humans, we do it all the time.  We may use a slang [...]

Rail Tours: Destination Checklist


If you thought rail travel was only about commuting to work or visiting family, think again. From desert odysseys to mountain adventures, city breaks to luxury safaris, railways holidays come in all different sorts of shapes and sizes. Here’s a quick guide to just some of the many different kinds of trip on offer. Short [...]