The History of Shipbuilding

ship build 4

Ships are a huge part of world history and have been an important tool to every civilization. Before now, boats were used to explore other continents around the world, fighting and pillaging other vessels in the process. Let’s take a look back into the past to remember the pioneering ships that shaped our world. 8th [...]

Rocketman Giveaway Winners!


And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. the winners of our Rocketman Giveaway! We received 230 entries into the contest, but unfortunately we only have two flights to giveaway.  Many thanks to all who participated, you all certainly have some interesting reasons for wanting to fly!  And now without further ado, Congratulations to [...]

Giveaway: Two FREE Rocketman Flights

Cribbean Cruise - Sunset in Havana

Giveaway Alert! We’re giving away free stuff – 2 free Rocketman flights ! A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to fly with RocketMan at the exclusive launch location in Fort Lauderdale. Have you ever wanted to fly?  I have, in fact, flying in many forms is on my bucket list. It’s an [...]

Book Review: The Winter of Our Disconnect

Book Review - The Winter of Our Disconnect

The irony of a blog being called ‘I should log off’ has never been “lost” on us. As we traveled the world we always felt like we wanted to log off more often but couldn’t because we were so focused on our blog about logging off. It was our paradox. Disconnecting and logging off….that’s why [...]