Virtually Veggie: Cajun Corn & Kale Salad


This week we feature two of my favorite vegetables, in a delicious salad. Anyone who knows me knows that corn is hands down in my mind the best vegetable ever grown. That being said, despite the large corn fields spreading across the Americas, more corn is produced to feed cattle than to consume by humans [...]

Virtually Veggie – New Series


Welcome to Virtually Veggie, this new series on IShouldLogOff will feature easy vegetarian recipes that are both yummy and filling! Each recipe featured will be one of my favorites from a variety of sources, cookbooks, friends, family, farmers from my market, etc. You should know that I in no way am a chef or even [...]

Mex-Indian kitchen adventures


You’ve probably noticed that we love global cuisine. Sure, we were a bit adventurous in Oaxaca, Mexico with the grasshoppers and that home cookin’ in Laos, but otherwise I’m rarely disappointed when it comes to global cuisine. It’s easy to pick up delicious street food on the road, but now that we’re home I’m determined [...]

Foodie Friday: Thai Cooking Class


A guy we met in Turkey asked me what my international food personality was.  Without a single missed beat I responded Asian, specifically Thai.  I absolutely adore Thai food, in fact it was a Thai restaurant that Danny took me to on our first date.  So it’s been a long history between Thai food and [...]