The History of Shipbuilding

ship build 4

Ships are a huge part of world history and have been an important tool to every civilization. Before now, boats were used to explore other continents around the world, fighting and pillaging other vessels in the process. Let’s take a look back into the past to remember the pioneering ships that shaped our world. 8th [...]

Solstice Traditions

South African Drums

During the winter solstice, the path of the sun starts turning towards the north after reaching the southernmost position. The word solstice actually means that the sun is standing still.  For those in the northern hemisphere, this is the longest night of the year and the shortest day.  In the southern hemisphere it is the [...]

A Walk Through Valley Forge


Today would have been George Washington’s 279th Birthday. With only one natural tooth left the day he was inaugurated as President (it’s true!), I can only imagine what he would have looked like today at 279. Growing up outside of Philadelphia, the seat of the Continental Congress and where the Declaration of Independence was signed, [...]

Toasts around the world


As most travelers know, many friendships are forged over a drink. Here’s a few toasts that will keep you covered no matter where you go. Skål – This word comes from the old Norse word for ‘bowl’ and is now used across all Scandinavian countries to toast. Contrary to some beliefs, there is no relation [...]