Foodie Friday- Tamarind Juice

A taste of East Africa isn’t complete without tamarind juice. Endemic to tropical African zones, such as the swahili coast, tamarind is the pod-like fruit of a bushy dense tree, that frankly looks completely unappetizing to eat. Fortunately, tamarinds are pressed into juice so you don’t have to look at it to enjoy its flavor. [...]

The Worst Road in Africa

After waiting nearly a week we finally had our Ethiopian visas in hand and began the trip north to the border. The first few hours, going around Mt. Kenya are normal roads….with pavement. The next 300 miles or so, taking us back into the northern hemisphere (we’ve now crossed the equator 7 times in the [...]

Foodie Friday- Abdalla’s Coconut Fish Curry

After raving about Lamu at the beginning of this week we figured you might be in the mood for some swahili food. Lucky for you, we wrote down Abdalla’s Coconut Fish Curry recipe, which should delight your taste buds and put you in an island mood. Ingredients: 1 kg fish (we used red snapper) 1/4kg [...]

Corruption & Bribery…are we going to jail?

We’ve heard awful stories about corruption and bribery since we crossed the border last year. Dire warnings from guidebooks and other travelers generally give the impression that officials are out to get you in every country. That hasn’t been our experience, but we have met a few bad apples. Driving down a main street in [...]