The New City of Marrakech

When people think of Marrakech, the images that tend to spring to mind are those of ancient buildings, bustling markets and an old and exotic culture.

Snake Charmer in Marrakech

What you may not know is that in recent years the Gueliz area has been developing a reputation for fantastic dining, stylish bars and modern shopping to rival the historical charms of the medina, or old city.  While the attractions of the medina make Marrakech a fantastic travel destination, the cosmopolitan delights of Gueliz have a charm all of their own.

A world away from the narrow alleyways and towering spires of the medina, Gueliz is all about glitz and glamour and boasts a surprising array of sights and sounds for visitors to discover. Eating out in this area is always a pleasure, with the traditional restaurants of the medina giving way to a more modern approach to Moroccan cuisine that has allowed several high-end fusion restaurants to flourish. Place de Liberte MarrakechHere visitors can enjoy French, Italian and Spanish cuisine within a few blocks of each other, all just a short distance away from the historic attractions of the old city. Cafe culture also thrives in Gueliz, with countless establishments offering tempting food and drink at very reasonable prices.

On a sunny day, there’s nothing better than finding a spot at a pavement cafe at Place de la Liberte or Place du Novembre and watching the world go by with a pot of speciality tea.

Gueliz is also well known as a top shopping destination, with everything from designer stores to craft emporiums tempting visitors away from the medina and towards the charms of the new city. Rue de la Liberte is the place for picking up big-name brands and artisan textiles in Morocco, while Avenue Mohammed V has plenty of shops selling more traditional souvenirs such as leather goods
and traditional art.

Upscale Restaurant in MarrakechAnother element which puts Gueliz streets ahead in terms of attractions for tourists is its fantastic nightlife. While the medina is the focus for cosy evening meals and night time strolls through romantic alleys, Gueliz is fast becoming known as an exciting destination for those who want their night out to pack a bit more of a punch. The hub of the city’s nightlife is Avenue Mohammed V – the main road connecting Gueliz to the Medina – and countless bars, discos and clubs are dotted along the road catering for every taste. From loud electronic dance clubs to sports bars and live
music venues, the new quarter of Marrakech ensures this ancient city has plenty to offer even the most modern of tourists.

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