Country Guide: South Africa

South Africa is not a small country, not only is it large in size but it also has a tremendous variety of things to do and see. The expected game viewing and safaris, the relaxing Indian coastline, beautiful forests, tasty food, a unique history of gemstones and apartheid all combine to make any trip to [...]

Foodie Friday: Chapati

Seems the Israelites fleeing Egypt weren’t the only ones eaten unleavened bread. Chapati, as its spelled here, is ubiquitous throughout East Africa, served for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of stews, salads and meals. A flat bread made of flour, the chapati looks like an enlarged Mexican tortilla, or a blinz, or roti, [...]

Why it is good to be King…

Swaziland is the last absolute monarchy in Africa and trust me it’s good to be King. A beautiful mountainous country, the Swazi people are incredibly friendly and good hearted. A small nation (smaller than Kruger National Park), Swaziland is famous for its cultural heritage…or perhaps specifically for the Umhlanga (Reed) Dance. It would be great [...]

When Animals Attack…

After our elephant experience in Kruger safety around animals has been on my mind, so when I saw an article in a nature magazine entitled “animal safety” I flipped to the article. The advice was basically this: hippo, rhino, elephant, lion- stay away and if you can’t stay away get away quickly and quietly before [...]