Review: Peter Tours & Mountaineering (Moshi, Tanzania)

Sitting in Moshi and staring at prices for multi-day Safari tours, our heads began to spin. We’d researched several options on line and walking around town most of what we found seemed much too high in price for our taste. We wanted to go with a local company, but we also wanted to know that [...]

Foodie Friday: Jackfruit

The first time we saw jackfruit in a market we looked at the lumpy enormous “fruit” with suspicion. Fibrous and exotic looking, I wasn’t so sure about trying it, especially after some South African friends of ours that we’re traveling with told us the flavor was “interesting.”Usually about 10 inches in diameter, and weighing up [...]

Hakuna Matatah: Learn some Swahili

I’d hoped to learn some Swahili while here but it turns out I already know a fair bit…you do too actually, mostly thanks to Disney. Shortly after the African continent became covered in Bantu speaking peoples, several thousand years ago, Arab traders began to appear on the coasts (the word Swahili is actually rooted in [...]

Oh, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

When one thinks of Africa often the first thing that comes to mind is Disney Classic, The Lion King. So when Danny and Jill asked me what I wanted to do during my visit, without hesitation my response was, “See every animal from The Lion King!” One two hour flight, one (EDITOR’S NOTE: Two for [...]