Foodie Friday: Chapati

Seems the Israelites fleeing Egypt weren’t the only ones eaten unleavened bread. Chapati, as its spelled here, is ubiquitous throughout East Africa, served for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of stews, salads and meals. A flat bread made of flour, the chapati looks like an enlarged Mexican tortilla, or a blinz, or roti, [...]

Uganda: the Pearl of Africa

There’s an intensity in the cities of East Africa, always someone yelling at you to buy a product, take their matatu, or visit their tour office. It’s lively, it’s loud, it’s colorful and it’s chaotic. Tribal peoples walk down the street next to muslim women in full veil, next to modern African women in home [...]

Gorillas in the mist

So after being charged twice as Danny mentioned yesterday, which really was terrifying, we slid down the mountain a bit more and found ourselves in a huge clearing with about a dozen mountain gorillas. It was an amazing experience being surrounded by these huge creatures, but they couldn’t have been more passive. We spent [...]

Ever been charged by a mountain gorilla?


Transportation from the capital to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – $130 Permits to go gorilla tracking in Bwindi – $500 Seeing your wife’s face as a 400 pound angry silverback mountain gorilla charges your group and knocks down one of the guides……..priceless The walk hadn’t been too bad, at least not in comparison to everything [...]