Being Blond in China

Being Blond in China

Imagine getting off the plane and arriving in China to find yourself engulfed in a sea of black hair. The people would stare at you and point like you were some strange anomaly; a wild animal that has escaped from the zoo. You’d be an easy target, so don’t bother breaking the law, lest you [...]

Chinese New Year


When I think of Spring Festival in China, images of red packets filled with money, heaps of food on the dinner table, and a seemingly endless barrage of fireworks comes to mind. But what does it all mean? Well, Spring Festival is the most important holiday for the Chinese culture, as it is their New [...]

Do You Eat Dog?


Having lived in Asia, the question most asked by those who’ve never been is “Have you eaten <insert completely random animal/thing>?” The answer is, I’ve eaten a lot of crazy things, but we’ll get to that later. The first thing I want to clarify is that, yes, they DO eat cats and dogs in China, [...]

Chinese Culture: Saving Face

Chinese Goldfish

Travelers in China often struggle to really understand the cultural concept of “face.” The Eastern idea of “face” is that at ALL times the giving of “face” (making someone look good) must be maximized while the loss of “face” (preventing yourself or others from looking bad) must be minimized. Everyone wants to feel good about [...]