Infamous Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka may not be the easiest place to pronounce, but then again World Heritage sites almost never are. Polonnaruwa was the capital of the ancient Polonnaruwa kingdom, which spread throughout North Central Sri Lanka. Without going into too much detail, lets just say this was the major crossroads for trade, agriculture and commerce [...]

Rail Holidays – The Jewels of India


Imagine being buried in a pile of penny sweets wearing a suit made from feathers surrounded by the cast from West Side Story in full chorus. This kind of sensory overload is equal to that which you will experience on a trip to India. However the India trip, of course, will also be much more [...]

India: Ganga Aarati

Around sunset a spiritual calm envelops Rishikesh and storefronts all start to close. Hindu pilgrims gather by the river Ganges for the Ganga Aarati ceremony. The most holy river in Hinduism, it is believed that a touch of the river’s waters will purify one of all his sins. We witness the ceremony in Rishikesh and [...]

Finding our Inner “Om”

The last week of this trip we decided to go to Rishikesh, a holy Hindu city in Uttrakand province. Known as the “Yoga City” Rishikesh has three things to offer: meditation, Hindu temples and yoga. For two tired travelers, it sounded like the perfect place to reconnect and prepare mentally for going home. Rishikesh itself [...]