Bag a Bargain in Bangkok

Bangkok Thailand

Thailand is well known as a country to bag a bargain. The markets of Bangkok are a fascinating and exciting experience, where you can wander through the maze of stalls and take in the sights, sounds and smells of the city. If you are planning to fly to Bangkok, then schedule in plenty of time [...]

Jungle Treks and Elephants


There are jungle treks and then there are jungle treks. In many a place the world over you will find companies that will offer to take you ‘into the wild’ and show you what life is really like. Most of these companies are lying. You will get a chaperoned tour through some trees that you [...]

Loi Krathong Festival


Before we left on this journey I got the crazy idea that maybe we should festival hop our way across the world. You know, experience a country through its holidays? Ever practical, Danny shot the idea down for logistical reasons, it would involve too much land jumping. Fortunately we’ve caught a few festivals here and [...]

Foodie Friday: Thai Cooking Class


A guy we met in Turkey asked me what my international food personality was.  Without a single missed beat I responded Asian, specifically Thai.  I absolutely adore Thai food, in fact it was a Thai restaurant that Danny took me to on our first date.  So it’s been a long history between Thai food and [...]