Country Guide: Uzbekistan

Travel in Uzbekistan is surprisingly easy and relatively comfortable. The country has lots to offer but getting in can be a bit difficult at first. This guide is intended to help you understand the country and plan your own trip. VISA: This is easily the worst part of travel to Uzbekistan. US Citizens can obtain [...]

Foodie Friday: Plov in Khiva

We came in the back door to Uzbekistan and it wasn’t until Khiva that we made it onto the “tourist” track. Old and mysterious, Khiva was a lovely introduction to Uzbekistan’s silk road sites. Wandering out of the old city walls, we were greeted by children and families with a familiar “Saalam aleychum”. Wandering into [...]

Who are the Central Asian People?

As the center of the Silk Road, Uzbekistan has a long history of diversity. Not surprising given that traders mingled here for hundreds of years bringing goods from Southeast Asia, China, the Persian Empire, Europe and the Middle East through the region. With their goods of course came people, wives, children, servants and slaves. Then [...]

The Center of the Silk Road

It’s hard to believe, but we made it to the center of the silk road, or at least the cross roads where all the silk roads came together. At one time it was the center of an empire (and then another and another and another and another) and was a bustling bazaar filled city with [...]