Da Nang, Vietnam: the Most Underrated City in Southeast Asia

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You know Bangkok, and Hong Kong, and Singapore, and Hanoi…but what about little Da Nang?  While it may be just a paragraph in most travel guides, Da Nang, Vietnam is worth an entire chapter.  This city of under one million – teeny, tiny by Asian standards – is not just a stopover; it’s a travel [...]

Tomb of Tu Doc, a man with 100 women

Tomb of Tu Doc Vietnam

The Tomb of Tu Doc, a 19th century Vietnamese emperor,  is pretty indicative of his “living the good life” lifestyle.  His tomb, outside of the city of Hue, is elaborate – with expansive hunting grounds, a fishing pond and even a spot for his concubines to relax over the lake.  That’s right- according to history, [...]

The scenic route to Cambodia

From Southern Vietnam there are two ways to get to Phnom Penh – the easy way and the scenic way. Gluttons for punishment or a sense of adventure, depending on how you see it, we decided to go the scenic way. Three days by boat through the Mekong Delta. For me the Mekong is one [...]

Underground with the Viet Cong.

Ah, Yes. The Vietnam War. That’s the one where the US goes in, a lot of people are confused as to the reasons why, there is a war, and then the US comes home. Everyone thinks there are Soviets but no one seems to be able to find one. There is long hiking trail called [...]