Aruba, Heaven in the Caribbean


There are a few destinations that would appear on nearly everyone’s bucket list. The Caribbean, and in particular the island of Aruba, would probably be high on most people’s list. If it is not on your wishful itinerary perhaps after reading this you will include it. Aruba has an enviable reputation when it comes to [...]

From Spa Retreat to Golfing Paradise: The Allure of Punta Cana

Photo Credit: Flickr user Ed Yourdon via creative commons license.

Those searching for a luxurious family holiday will be pleased to know that the resort of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic boasts a modern-day paradise suited to all ages. The area itself is positioned between 650 yards of private beach, beautiful gardens and a shady coconut grove. From enjoying a massage under a palapa [...]

Discover Grenada

Carlisle Bay - Beach

Grenada is often an over looked island in the Caribbean, but it couldn’t be a better place for the holiday of a lifetime! Packed with strange, exciting and unforgettable things to see and do – it is a great place to explore and a brilliant alternative to the usual holiday package. Pack an underwater camera [...]

Havana: The beat of life


The Cuban rhythm of life, an internal beat fed by the musical beats of son and the continuous swaying of hips, gets into your soul.  Havana thrives off this distinctly Cuban beat. It’s a sound, a movement and a feeling without which you can’t understand the country or it’s people. Cuba may be considered off [...]