Jamaica: Rum, Family, Thanksgiving

We’re back in the cold northeast. Just in time for a little snow later this week. Yay! (can you sense the sarcasm!)

Jamaica was a very necessary vacation. Ever have those days when it feels like you’re always running around and never get anything done? Well that’s been the last two months for me. Life has been chaotic with work, traveling and planning, so going to Jamaica was a light at the end of the tunnel!

Although getting there was less than stellar (air jamaica felt that by posting a 3:25 departure time that meant that they could show up at 3:15 to board the plane and the not take off until 4:30), there was free champagne on the flight!

checking in
checking in

We stayed at the Iberostar Rose Hall outside of Montego Bay. It’s your typical all-inclusive resort: beach chairs, fruity drinks, buffet food, etc.. A great type of resort if you have 15 people ages 18-88 with you, but probably not the best place for a romantic honeymoon or couples vacation. They only had two of the hotels open when we were there- the third is going to be couples only, or as we heard through the grapevine a “nudist” resort. Hm… that might not mesh well with the family vibe they have going there. Anyway, not too much adventure at the resort- they limit the amount of time you have to sail and snorkel, but we got in what we could. We went sailing twice and snorkeled, although there wasn’t much to see at the man-made reef.

standing on our sandcastle
standing on our sandcastle
we jammin' mon!
we jammin

With all of the family we didn’t get off the resort much. And by much I mean once.. and yes, I admit it- it was to the rastafarian craft village next door. In addition to certain substances which are not legal here in the US, but are definitely plentiful in Jamaica, they also sold lots of wood carvings and t-shirts. Most of it was hand made and they were certainly willing to bargain. Since we live in less than 600 sq. feet and are trying to get RID of stuff not ADD new stuff we didn’t buy anything.

Not much else to report on- it was your average Carribean vacation. Here’s a cute picture to finish with though!

the sea is so beautiful it looks fake!