Ancient Rome in Armenia?

Garni Temple in Armenia

Garni Temple doesn’t represent the kind of architecture you expect to find in Armenia.  In fact, it’s a bit off –putting to see classical Greek columns in the first Christian country.  The history is actually more interesting than the ruins. The temple dates back to the 3rd century and was part of an entire compound [...]

Foodie Friday: Drinking Yogurt Milk

The first time I tried the stuff was a few weeks before we landed in Turkey.  We were going to a Persian restaurant in Florida with some friends and the waiter suggested we try some of the Iranian doogh, flavored with mint, on the house.  The cup that was poured for three of us try [...]

Always Accept Alcohol…from Iranians

Everyone knows never to get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slight less well known is this: never deny the offer of a beer from an Iranian when friendship is on the line! Iran, more than any other country these days, fills the headlines as America’s number one threat. We are Americans [...]

The First Christians Are Who???

The Armenians. In their little patch of land, tossed between the Islamic Ottoman and Persian empires, somehow managed to become and remain the world’s first Christians. Through the years they have maintained a distinctive Christianity which is more closely related to the Coptic Church than most other things. Their Monasteries are impressive and cover the [...]