Watching Le Tour De France

As I sit here now, watching the final stages of the 2010 Tour de France, it is incredible to think of all that has happened on this year’s tour. The first few stages were a train wreck of crashes and disasters, those were some of the ones we were able to see while we were [...]

Foodie Friday: Waffles and Chocolate

Wedding gift registry’s are really popular in the United States. For the first week, our registry only had one item- a Belgian waffle maker. We really, really wanted it. Affectionately in Spanglish we call our waffle maker “casa de los waffles” (house of waffles), and place a dot on it every time we use it. [...]

Brussels: Chocolate and a Tour…

We were determined to prove two Belgian travelers wrong about their country: it is NOT possible to see Belgium in one day. In fact we spent 4 days in Belgium and only left Brussels once. So there. More than any place on this entire trip, Brussels reminded us of home. No, it wasn’t the french [...]