Foodie Friday: Khachapuri, or how to ruin your diet

Just the sight of Khachapuri would make a Cardiologist cringe. White bread shaped like a canoe, covered with a ridiculous amount of cheese and topped with a pad of butter and a raw egg. My arteries are closing just thinking about it. This picture isn’t ours, our arteries couldn’t take it again and we didn’t [...]

Josef Stalin is not who you think he is…

When you hear the name ‘Stalin’ what comes to mind? Steel. Soviet. Dictator. Evil Man. Iron Curtain. Red Scare. Big Mustache. Nazi Killer. Follower of Lenin. Communism. Roosevelt’s Russian Friend. Not Russian? That’s right. “The Great Architect of Communism” is not Russian, he is Georgian. We visited Gori, a town about 90 minutes to the [...]

How we became Italian, in Georgia

It all started with a heavyset, jolly Russian mini-bus driver. Surrounded by minibus drivers the moment we stepped from the taxi, he was the only one of the group going north to Kazbegi. Georgian isn’t an alphabet that we understand, so basically we’re like children, asking 1000 times which direction to go even though we [...]

My Loss of Innocence in the Baths

Having spent most of my childhood participating in athletics, I am not squeamish about locker rooms. That was until I went to the Orbeliani Baths in Tbilisi. Having read in the guidebook about the public sulfur baths, I figured it was a great way to relax and unwind, plus we had skipped the hamam in Turkey [...]