Discovering the Romance of Berlin

Berlin church

When I was nine, my fourth grade teacher held up a small velvet pouch. “Inside this bag is something very important,” she said. The class was entranced. What was in it? Gold? Money? Chocolate? She reached into the bag and slowly pulled out…a rock. Our faces screwed up in disappointed confusion. A rock? Half of [...]

Munich and the 3rd Reich

We had a wonderful time in Munich. We drank lots of beer saw Bavaria’s version of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, watched the world cup and even slept in a day or two. The history of Bavaria though, it´s close relationship to World War II, was not lost on us. We took a quick day trip out [...]

Watching the World Cup…in Europe


No matter how exciting March Madness and the NFL playoffs might be, they simply do not compare to the pandemonium that is the World Cup. The only thing that comes close, for us as Americans, would be the summer Olympics when we all check the paper each morning to review the updated medal count. Even [...]

Foodie Friday: Beer

Yes, that’s right. This week we dedicate our food post to what Benjamin Franklin called: “Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!” Franklin himself spent two months in Germany, and although his love of beer is legendary, I’m curious what kind of beer he actually had on his trip to the [...]