Consider Cadiz – an alternative option for Spain holidays


The warm Mediterranean sun has done something special to southern Spain, or Andalusia as the autonomous region is called. This region is home to some of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Spain, such as the city of Seville and the fortress of the Alhambra in Granada. That said, travelling the region in [...]

A Dream or is it Just a Night in Barcelona?

Las Ramblas-Barcelona

Groggily stepping off the plane in the middle of the night, I was shocked to find Barcelona awake.  So awake in fact that when I checked in to my accommodations, the desk clerk asked me if I wanted to have my luggage stored behind the desk until I came back from dinner.  Where am I? [...]

My First Solo Trip Abroad

Gaudi Park, Barcelona, Spain

I needed to study Spanish and I figured there was no better place to do that than the Costa del Sol in Spain. That was after my parents strongly objected to studying in Central America. As part of my undergrad degree I had to learn a language. Spanish was a natural choice because I was [...]

Summertime in Spain

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain

Quick, somebody get me a pitcher of Sangria! It’s summertime, and that’s got me dreaming of Spain – sleeping in, lolling about by the ocean, tapas in the afternoon, and late-night revelry. Of course, there’s more to summertime in Spain than being a total lush, so don’t miss out on the good stuff. Spanish Architecture [...]