Drinking Tea in Egypt

A few moments of respite.

There comes a point in every trip when a traveler needs a moment to themselves.  A moment to just sit back and take it all in.  This happens to me whether I’m sitting beside a busy pool on a family vacation or in the middle of a crazy market trying to negotiate my way into [...]

Hiking in Egypt

Mt Sinai in Egypt

Hiking in Egypt’s Sinai desert is more fun than you think.  Surely desert hiking requires a bit of preparation, but the Bedoin’s have it down to a science. From small kiosks along the hiking route up Mt. Sinai to a bevy of guides willing to help you from town, they’ve perfected the art of hiking [...]

Country Guide: Egypt

Egypt may be a touristy place but it is also extremely backpacker friendly with a rather large selection of budget accommodation options in all major tourist spots as well as 50% student discounts at most attractions with a student ID, including an ISIC card. Transportation: Getting up and down the Nile is best done by [...]

Atop Mt. Sinai


Hiking Mt Sinai is the sort of thing that manypeople come to Egypt to do. Most people fly to one of Egypt’s expensive coastal cities, book a tour, get on the bus around midnight, arrive sometime before 2am, and with some luck are at the summit with one thousand of their closest friends that they never [...]