Travel in Rio de Janeiro

License Plate Rio De Janiero

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro from the Pantanal was a bit like hopping out of Never, Neverland and back into reality.  Rio is a vibrant, lively big city, known for it’s beach culture and carnival.  The Pantanal is known for it’s birds, quiet and swamp like atmosphere.  Traveling between the two was like traveling from [...]

Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina

When we arrived in El Calafate, we checked into our hotel and set off on foot. Thankfully we had lots of cold weather gear from hiking the Andes in Peru.  Let’s just say there’s a reason that an outdoor tough weather clothing company chose to call the company Patagonia… From El Calafate, there’s a lot [...]

Guide: Hiking the “W” Trail – Torres Del Paine, Chile


Hiking the ‘W is a must do for all backpackers who manage to make it that far south. In our opinion, most do it in a way that is either more expensive or more work than necessary. Below is what we did, then some suggested changes to our path to maximize your enjoyment and minimize [...]

Photo Tuedsay: Kids in the Trees

Hiking through the hills around Banos, Ecuador we heard a noise above us.  Two kids hanging out in the trees giggled and hid from us as we looked up.  They were minding a herd of sheep along the path. Waving and chatting with them, the kids turned shy and refused to engage us in conversation.  [...]