Travel in Rio de Janeiro

License Plate Rio De Janiero

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro from the Pantanal was a bit like hopping out of Never, Neverland and back into reality.  Rio is a vibrant, lively big city, known for it’s beach culture and carnival.  The Pantanal is known for it’s birds, quiet and swamp like atmosphere.  Traveling between the two was like traveling from [...]

Foodie Friday: Perrito Caliente

Sure, yesterday was thanksgiving and we made  it back to the States in time to celebrate but featuring turkey just doesn’t seem right to us, given that it is virtually impossible to find anywhere south of the border.  Instead, in honor of Turkey Day, we figured we’d offer our readers a taste of another USA [...]

Foodie Friday- The Enjoyment of Mate

I first heard of Mate traveling in Guatemala on my semester abroad from college. I didn’t try it but I did remember it and when I saw it again, and had the opportunity again, chose not to try it again. I figured that since I was going to Brazil, Argentina, and Chile I should wait [...]


Leiderhosen, accordions and beirgartens. Welcome to Blumenau, Brazil home to the largest Oktoberfest party in the America’s. Stepping through the gates, the entire place was decorated like a little German village complete with gingerbread men. Brazilian bands played German music on three stages, and there were more beer booths than I’ve ever seen before. Although [...]