Foodie Friday: Perrito Caliente

Sure, yesterday was thanksgiving and we made  it back to the States in time to celebrate but featuring turkey just doesn’t seem right to us, given that it is virtually impossible to find anywhere south of the border.  Instead, in honor of Turkey Day, we figured we’d offer our readers a taste of another USA [...]

Colombia Rafting Expeditions (San Gil, Colombia)

Listed in our guidebook as a kayak company (gasp!) we went to San Gil partly because of them. Arriving at their office, we were given a rundown of the few river sections available in the dry season. Wanting to put us on the Class II/Class III river before letting us go down anything more technical, [...]

We Loved Colombia

Coming out of Central America, Colombia was simply a dream come true. We’ve been to amazing museums and done tons of fun things. When we met people in Colombia, be it on the trail or in the street they were all friendly. They ask where we’re from and how we like our time here. When [...]

TP Memories

This should have been put up a long time ago, but since we’re border crossing the next few days and probably won’t have internet, here is a little ditty or what I like to call Ode to TP. When the rumble begins and the moment is near time is short eyes well with fear you [...]