Photo Tuedsay: Kids in the Trees

Hiking through the hills around Banos, Ecuador we heard a noise above us.  Two kids hanging out in the trees giggled and hid from us as we looked up.  They were minding a herd of sheep along the path. Waving and chatting with them, the kids turned shy and refused to engage us in conversation.  [...]

Princess Maria Hostal (Banos, Ecuador)

Over 5 months on the road and this is the first review we have written for a hostal. Princess Maria was simply a breath of fresh air. The cheapest of all of our accommodations in Ecuador (about $6 each) we had only intended to stay in Banos one night but quickly extended our stay. The [...]

Necessito ir a Banos

Alive and happy after Danny’s second attempt on the river, and after overcoming the worst of my stomach bug, we took a very bumpy ride through the jungle back into the mountains to get to Banos. A lovely mountain town, famous really for its hot springs, but also a number of adventure activities from mountain [...]

Rio Jatunyacu, Take 2

After our fun run down the river I was compeletly demoralized, not sure if I´d ever get in a kayak again since my skills had so completely failed me. Our raft-kayak guide Harry had been clear in telling me (thankfully, after the fact) that the boat I was in was simply horrible and that I [...]