I just ran a triathlon


It may have been a short triathlon, taking place in North Miami Beach, but it was the maximum length allowed to be called a sprint and it was a good stepping stone for me in trying out this new sport. The race was the 25.75 North Miami Triathlon and it felt great to get out [...]

I love le tour

Tour de France Peleton

The most grueling endurance event I know of, the Tour de France simply has no equal.  Lasting nearly the whole monht of July, the Tour requires the best out of every cyclist almost every day for a whole month, over mountains, across fields and time trials.  If you don’t know how the Tour works, better [...]

Strange Bikes


It’s the end of Bike to Work week in the U.S. and I thought we’d end with a few bicycles you may never have seen before.  Frankly, I’ve only seen one of these on the road before. The pedal bike bar. A genius idea or a really stupid one?  I can’t tell, but the idea [...]

Great Places to Rent a Bike

Tour de France Peleton

Even if you aren’t an avid cyclist, there are times when it’s just nicer to be on bike than in a car or bus.  The ability to ‘stop and smell the roses’ so to speak and go at your own pace is an aspect of travel that can’t be ignored.  Here are a few places [...]