Adventure Racing 101

Biking in Kruger Park

Imagine biking through the woods to find a checkpoint marked on your topographic map.  Your partner is using the compass to find West while you’re busy scouting the terrain for the creek marked on the map.  100 yards ahead you spot it, a small white and orange kite propped against a tree. Adventure racing can [...]

Guide: Hiking the “W” Trail – Torres Del Paine, Chile


Hiking the ‘W is a must do for all backpackers who manage to make it that far south. In our opinion, most do it in a way that is either more expensive or more work than necessary. Below is what we did, then some suggested changes to our path to maximize your enjoyment and minimize [...]

Photo Tuesday: Torres del freezing!


Hiking to the famous Torres del Paine was an uphill battle, literally.  The last section of the hike was extremely steep and it felt like for every one step up we slid two back.  Eventually we made it, and after only a few minutes the clouds parted and we had a magnificent view.  Before heading [...]

Ever been charged by a mountain gorilla?


Transportation from the capital to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – $130 Permits to go gorilla tracking in Bwindi – $500 Seeing your wife’s face as a 400 pound angry silverback mountain gorilla charges your group and knocks down one of the guides……..priceless The walk hadn’t been too bad, at least not in comparison to everything [...]