Interview with OT Surf – New Bikini’s

Bikinis that stay in place

Christy and Scott of Ordinary Traveler just launched a new women’s bikini line designed to actually STAY ON for any woman who is tired of always fixing her bikini. We’ve pre-ordered a suit and can’t wait to get it for the summer! The line, called OT Surf, is manufactured in the USA and is being [...]

Review: Nalubale Rafting (Jinja, Uganda)

We contacted Nalubale Rafting when we arrived in Jinja at the suggestion of a friend. On price alone Nalubale was 30%-40% cheaper than just about everyone else in town and on that recommendation alone we were sold. After speaking to the owners/guides about the river levels and the river-boarding we preferred to do, we were [...]

Riverboarding the Nile…

Most people come to Jinja to raft the Victoria Nile. But we don’t raft. With the class V water over our heads for kayaking we did the next best thing…jump in with a boogie board. Yes, you read that right, we boogie boarded some of the biggest commercially rafted whitewater on the planet. Upon jumping [...]

Review: Kayak Pucon (Pucon, Chile)

We chose to do our Chilean whitewater kayaking with Kayak Pucon for a few reasons, but mostly because it was owned and operated by locals. We actually didn’t know it existed originally and walked into another whitewater shop in Pucon only to be turned off by the rather cold, business-like attitude of the proprietor. Had [...]